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You only gain experience from combat if you land a hit with a weapon (this is true in both hunting and person combat). Attacks against people and animals can be initiated once per hour. For each attack, there is an immediate and automatic counter attack from the victim. If an attack brings a character's health to under 35%, there is a chance an injury will be applied in addition to the damage to health. If their health gets to zero, they will become incapable. Kids do 75% less damage and can only attack their selected target once every four hours than adults when under the age of 14.

Attack Damage Formula
base = (root attribute + weapon skill + weapon quality) * 2
enemy armor = enemy armor quality [halved if light armor] * 1.6
base - round((base) * (enemy armor * .1)) = damage result + luck roll 1-3
Attack damage toward animals is the same with 0 as armor.
Attack damage toward people from animals is the same with animal aggression and animal power being used in place of skill and weapon quality - no third number is used, on purpose, to provide players an advantage over animals as a reliable source of food.

Combat Formula - Percentage Chance of Landing A Hit
50 + (attacker weapon root attribute * 12) - (12 * victim weapon root attribute) = % chance of success
Hit chance for animals uses animal aggression in place of dexterity, for both attacking and being attacked.


Upon reaching a health percentage below 35, your character runs the risk of an injury with debuffs. Injuries can be temporary or permanent depending on how they are healed. Injuries are permanent if they are never healed or if a healing attempt fails. Injury debuffs are removed completely if healed successfully. You can have multiple injuries at once - what type is random. Injuries in various states are visible from the description of a character.

Injury Effect
Groin Inability to Mate
Arm -1 Strength
Leg -1 Dexterity
Head -1 Knowledge

Combat Formula - Percentage Chance of Injury
10 - dexterity = % chance of success

Healing Injuries

You can attempt to heal someone else's injury, if you have some medicine. There is a risk though. Success depends on high quality medicine and a high level of knowledge to fix the injury in a way which will heal properly, along with some luck during the operation. If you fail to heal their injury properly, that injury will become a permanent handicap which no one can attempt to heal anymore. The victim can combat these negative effects by building up their attribute again, if they work hard. If you do manage to be successful in healing the victim, the injury will go away, and the negative buffs it brings against its victim will be taken off. You cannot attempt to heal characters you own with other characters you own.

Healing Injury and Incapability - Chance of Success: 10 + (medicine quality * 10) + (average knowledge of participants * 6) + luck between 1-10 = %

Healing Damage

Healing yourself from general damage, rather than an injury, takes time as a project with a healing item. The amount of time it takes to heal yourself depends on your alchemy skill, but all healing projects require 5 effort. You can also heal naturally, if you don't have medicine. Each hour natural regeneration will add +1 to your health, but you will heal much more quickly in a nicely furnished room. You must have at least 5 pieces of furniture to activate the effect, which will tack on the average quality of your furniture to the original +1, meaning it could go from +2 to +6. This effect will only take place if you are in a furnished castle, apothecary, room, or residence - it will not work in any other kind of building.

Combat Formula - Amount Healed From Medicine
(medicine quality * (average knowledge of participants * 2)) = amount healed after completion (number of components is NOT counted)


This state activates once your health reaches 0 in any situation. In this state you are unable to do anything except for roleplaying. This is the state before death (including combat, including animal attack, starvation, and old age). You can be healed out of the incapable state by another person, (or you can do it yourself) if they have medicine and a decent level of knowledge, but they could still fail, resulting in death. If you survive you will not get out of it unscathed - a random grievous injury will be applied to your character with 100% success which is permanent (although you can rebuild the attribute back up again). These injuries can stack. Healing someone out of incapability takes between 2 and 10 hours depending on how high your knowledge is. While in this state, other characters are able to drag you where they want to because you are unable to defend yourself, and they are also able to take your things (anything worn or held).

24 hours after the time you became incapable, you and other characters are able to end your life at will. If guards have incapacitated you via auto-attack (because you broke the law or are a wanted criminal) then they will not attack you again, unless it's an intentional action by a player. Incapable characters will automatically eat one food item in their inventory per hour if they have less than 50 percent hunger. Incapable characters do not get a multi-ingredient bonus to nutrition in their meals, so they get much less sated. This is because incapable characters are meant to be a burden, and it is discouraged to keep them alive for long periods without medicine. Animals will not finish off an incapable person. Unhealed, characters die after this state, which will produce a corpse with the character's description and time of death. If a character dies on the road, the body will be moved to the nearest tile based on where they were at on the road at the time of death.

Note of Doom: This is a game with permanent death. If your character dies, you will not be able to play them ever again, and there is a cooldown period of a week before another character can be made.