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Limited Resources

Metal and gem resources are limited. Metal reserves are very large, while gems are very small. Once the reserve runs out you won't be able to gather it anymore, but the biome feature will still remain.


Resources are collected to use in crafting by gathering them under Area > Resources. To start a gathering project, decide the total amount of that resource you would like to obtain at the end of the project up to 1000 units, and select gather. Your associated skill is directly proportional to how much you can gather per hour. Canceling a gathering project that isn't complete will give you what resources you have gathered so far.

Resource Quality

Most resources have fixed qualities with the exception of ingredients (resources used to make food). The quality of metal after it is refined will mirror the ore that it came from. The quality of hunted animal products (meat, hide, fur) will always be junk, unless you butcher the animals after taming with the ranching skill instead, which will then set quality to mirror skill mixed with feed quality. Domesticated animal products can only be gained through taming, and they also depend on the ranching skill for quality.

Resource List

id item weight quality description
currency coin 0.01 5 a magnificently golden and smooth metal piece with an embossed image on both sides of scales framed by two cherry blossom branches
gem diamond 0.2 5 A clear gemstone that sparkles brilliantly.
gem emerald 0.2 5 A clear deep green gemstone that sparkles brilliantly.
gem pearl 0.5 5 A clear white gemstone that sparkles brilliantly.
gem ruby 0.2 5 A clear deep red gemstone that sparkles brilliantly.
gem sapphire 0.2 5 A clear deep blue gemstone that sparkles brilliantly.
herb blood root 0.5 1.5 A crimson surface root which grows in clusters over arid land. It tastes mildly sweet like carrot.
herb claw lilly 0.5 4 Three large purple-black petals ending in points frame the smaller blooms carrying the pollen of this dramatic flower. Thin feeler strings shoot out from the bloom in ribbons around it. It tastes like licorice.
herb crystal flower 0.5 5 The small delicate flowers of this shrub appear almost like glass, and can crumble easily if not handled with care. The flowers themselves have a faint bluish hue to their transparent petals which turn opaque white at the edges. It tastes of fresh water.
herb glow bloom 0.5 3.5 A white bulbous flower which puts off an alluring glow. It tastes rancid but smells like fruit.
herb hook weed 0.5 1 A green thorny climbing nettle which tastes bitter. It is a parasitic plant that will make a host of the ground, trees, or brush in the area.
herb kings bane 0.5 2.5 A golden lacy fern which turns black when picked. It tastes sweet at first, but then quickly goes bitter.
herb moon vine 0.5 2 This is actually moss which only grows on the north and south sides of trees, opposite of the sun moving east to west. When colonies grow large enough they start to hang like finely knit vines. It has an woodsy flavor.
herb silver knot 0.5 3 Silver feelers which usually knot into clusters as ground cover. They poke out of the ground looking for the next thing to wrap around to create another colony.
ingredient ambrosia 0.5 skill A golden fruit, in the shape of a pear, but with the texture of a peach. The flavor changes to whatever food you crave most.
ingredient apple 0.3 skill
ingredient avocado 0.5 skill
ingredient banana 1 skill
ingredient broccoli 1.5 skill
ingredient carrot 0.3 skill
ingredient cherry 0.2 skill
ingredient cocao beans 1 skill
ingredient coconut 1 skill
ingredient coffee beans 1 skill
ingredient corn 1 skill
ingredient egg 0.5 skill A white calcium shell protects the soft gelatin yolk inside.
ingredient grapes 1 skill
ingredient green beans 1 skill
ingredient honey 0.5 skill A golden sweet syrup.
ingredient lake fish 0.5 skill A fish with grey meat which is soft to the touch that can only be found in lakes.
ingredient lemon 1 skill
ingredient lettuce 1 skill
ingredient lychee fruit 1 skill
ingredient mango 1 skill
ingredient marsh fish 0.5 skill A soft fish with blue meat that can only be found in the marsh.
ingredient meat 1 skill The raw muscle and fat from a dressed animal carcass.
ingredient melon 2 skill
ingredient milk 1 skill A white substance that comes from lactating mammals, filled with creamy fats and nutrients.
ingredient mushroom 0.5 skill
ingredient onion 0.5 skill
ingredient orange 1 skill
ingredient papaya 1 skill
ingredient passion fruit 1 skill
ingredient pepper 0.5 skill
ingredient pineapple 2 skill
ingredient potato 1 skill
ingredient rice 1 skill
ingredient river fish 0.5 skill A soft, spongy texture, like that of a marshmallow. It tastes like honey.
ingredient sea fish 0.5 skill A firm fish with white meat that can only be found in the sea.
ingredient spinach 1 skill
ingredient starfruit 1 skill
ingredient strawberry 0.2 skill
ingredient sugar 1 skill
ingredient swamp fish 0.5 skill A firm fish with red meat that can only be found in the swamp.
ingredient tomato 0.5 skill
ingredient walnut 0.1 skill
ingredient wheat 1 skill
material cotton 1 4 Undyed, this material is white, and can be very soft to the touch or it can become very durable denim depending on how it is weaved.
material flax 1 3 Undyed, this material is a pale tan color, and is rather scratchy unless thoroughly worked to bring out its softness.
material fur 1 1 Animal fur varies in color and pattern based on the animal that provided the pelt, but it is always soft and warm.
material hemp 1 2 Undyed, this material is a pale green color, and is rather scratchy unless thoroughly worked to bring out its softness.
material hide 1 1 The texture of this material depends on how it was tanned and cured. It can range from soft and squishy to very rough like canvas, depending.
material leather 2 1 A tanned hide from an animal.
material silk 1 5 Undyed, this material is a peach color, and is luxuriously soft to the touch with a soft sheen to it.
material wool 1 1 Undyed, this material is a cream color, and is rather scratchy unless thoroughly worked to bring out its softness.
metal copper 2 1 A copper metal which is extremely malleable even at lower temperatures.
metal gold 5 2 A gold metal which is very malleable, and pretty durable.
metal iron 5 1.5 A black metal which is very malleable, but is likely to rust.
metal mythril 5 3 A metal shining blue-grey that is fairly resilient, and very workable at hot temperatures.
metal obsidian 5 3.5 A deep ebony metal which is very resilient, and workable at very hot temperatures.
metal platinum 10 5 A stark white metal which is extremely resilient, and difficult to work with.
metal silver 5 2.5 A silver metal which is very malleable, and pretty durable.
ore copper ore 4 1 A copper ore.
ore gold ore 10 2 A gold ore.
ore iron ore 10 1.5 A black ore.
ore mythril ore 10 3 An ore shining blue-grey.
ore obsidian ore 10 3.5 A deep ebony ore.
ore platinum ore 15 5 A stark white ore.
ore silver ore 10 2.5 A silver ore.
stone lichenstone 5 1.5 A black crystal stone. It is very sharp when chipped, but otherwise has a smooth glass texture.
stone limestone 2 1 A tan, porous stone. It is very brittle and easily chips.
stone magmastone 10 4 A hard black stone marbled with red. It stays hot to the touch even in the coldest conditions.
stone seastone 10 3 A hard white stone marbled with cyan. It is sharp and craggy like coral, which can make it uncomfortable to hold.
stone shale 5 2 A grey stone. It is hard enough to hold, but otherwise unremarkable.
stone shiverstone 10 5 A hard blue stone marbled with white. It stays cold to the touch even in the warmest conditions.
stone siltstone 5 2.5 An orange stone. It is mostly made up of clay and sandy sediment, making it fragile.
wood aeon wood 10 5 Banded in variations of green and gold both dark and light, with a strong straight grain. It burns steadily with a green flame.
wood bushwood 3 1.5 Light yellow in color and very soft, easy to carve but less useful for tools and building structures. It burns quickly with a red flame.
wood ghostwood 2 1 White in color, the leaves a dark green, almost black. It burns with a blue flame
wood moorwood 6 3 A deep reddish colored wood with bands of gold and brown it gives off a sharp scent when first cut as well as when burnt. It burns with a greenish yellow flame.
wood oarl wood 8 4 It has long bands of black and gold, giving it a zebra striped appearance. It burns white.
wood palmwood 5 2.5 Deep brown in color with a sweet scent which can last for years. It burns a clean yellow and gives off a very pleasantly scented smoke.
wood thornwood 5 2 Due to its nature to twist and gnarl it is difficult to build with. It has a deep reddish purple color and burns with a purple flame.