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Ruins are biomes found on map tiles with the ability to enter. They are ancient leftover relics of a world long past, and contain some of the best treasures and hardest enemies in the game. Their contents exist beyond a mortal plane which is constantly shifting and in a stage of discourse because of the amount of magic present. Their structure is procedurally generated, and each ruin has its own unique environment sets of different rooms, treasures, and enemies. Here are some things to know about ruins.

  • It is a late-game combat adventure. They are nearly impossible to complete for any character who has not leveled their skill, attribute, and equipment over 2, and difficult even with maxed equipment. If you have your character go in unprepared, they will die. You have been warned.
  • You do not regenerate health while inside a ruin. In order to heal, you must have medicine that use can use on the spot.
  • You cannot enter the same ruin more than once per game year. You can always exit a ruin no matter where you are within it, but the last person alive to leave or die will cause that version of the ruin to collapse, and there is a cooldown period of 10 days before you can enter the ruin again.
  • Monsters attack as much as possible. Monsters will aggro as soon as you enter a room with them, and they will begin to follow you wherever you go in order to attack you, and anyone around you, hourly. The treasure room always has a combat room before it where defeating the monsters is mandatory to open the door to the treasure.
  • Ruins can have random locks. Be sure to carry a crowbar or a lockpick on you to deal with them.
  • Rubble piles contain low-tier treasures. They can be cleared after a project to obtain their loot, the quality of which is dependent on ruin difficulty. They will always contain coins, various resources (if available), and lore (if available). Lore-based content are limited items which may illuminate various aspects of the pre-game world, the gods, and how things are different from the past (assuming they have not already been completely pilfered - they are limited!). Clearing a rubble pile starts a 15 hour project that uses the mining skill, and there may be up to two rubble piles in lore based rooms. Currently, there are total of 207 (23 lore items per ruin) lore-based items in the game, and specific sets of these items can only be found in specific ruins, making lore spawning, potential size/difficulty, and the range of items you will be rewarded with for the end treasure the major differences between ruins.
  • Be careful of traps. Some rooms contain traps that will fire an attempt to damage (5-15) you every time you enter them. A character can attempt to disarm this if it is worth being able to pass through that room more than once, and the success depends on knowledge and dexterity. However, they can also be passed through if it is easier to just accept taking the damage. The formula for a hit or miss is the combat dodge formula, with the opposing attribute always being a 5. Only the project initiator can work on the project. If the attempt to disarm the trap is failed, damage will be dealt to the initiator for triggering it. Disarming traps requires 15 effort, and trains guile and dexterity. Its formula for % chance success is: (knowledge + dexterity + guile) * 6.
  • Treasure room contain some of the best items in the game including master gems, master equipment, rare ores, lore items and notes, Artifacts of power, spell books, and wealth.
  • You can only enter ruins with other characters if you are in the same group. Once you are in, you will not be able to leave your group until you exit the ruin. Ruin enemies and size scale with the number of people in a group.
  • If you choose to go alone and fall incapable, no one will be able to save you. The same version of a ruin cannot be accessed by anyone else other than when you enter a ruin as a group, so if you are unable to leave no one will be able to come and find you. Make sure to exit ruins before the point at which you think your character will fall.
  • You can exit any time, any where, if you're capable. If it becomes too much, it's never too late to give up and try again next year.. unless you're dead or you can't move.


Artifacts are unique items with special powers that are only available to the person whom the Artifact is bound to; they are completely useless in anyone else's hands. Artifacts can only be found in the most difficult ruins in the game as a possible addition to the normal loot generation if there are any un-owned, and are completely original - there is only one of each kind in the game, and there is no magic or character ability available which is like or equivalent to an Artifact ability. An Artifact becomes bound to the character holding it as soon as they exit the ruin. Each Artifact has a positive benefit or ability, but also has some kind of cost or negative consequence in order to use it. When the character bound to the Artifact dies, the Artifact disappears back into the ether to be pooled once again as a reward for completing one of the three most difficult ruins in the game. There is no inherent visual indication to other characters in any way that someone is an Artifact owner.

Post table of Artifacts in the game, its description, and their pro/con.