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Newspawn Tierborn
  • Can play immediately
  • No initial barrier to actions or group dynamics to fit into - free to do as they please
  • Can have up to 13 (130 real days) more years of life than newspawns
  • Has the opportunity to gain natural magic
  • Has the opportunity to gain advantages with genetics
  • Has the opportunity to make use of bloodlines
  • No chance for natural magic - you will have to learn it yourself
  • No guaranteed support or group play through a family
  • Skills always start at the lowest possible level, aside from the racial bonus
  • Limited to two per account
  • Requires unpredictable waiting period before play
  • Can only participate in projects and slow them down for everyone, can't start them before age 14 (includes crafting, taming animals, etc)
  • Roles available to them may be limited by their family, culture, or location for a long period of time

You are limited to a total of 5 characters per account, of which only 2 can be tierborn. You will not be able to spawn where you already have characters present or where characters are present who are played by players you have set to avoid.

Spawning a Newspawn

To spawn as an adult, click the New Character card and select "I prefer to begin life as an adult." You will then be able to browse races available for selection either by clicking on their picture or selecting the race name from the dropdown menu. After filling out the details of your upcoming character, selecting "this is my chosen form" will spawn the character into the world instantly - no backstory is allowed, they appear suddenly automatically at age 18 mentally and physically.

Newspawns can spawn in any location. Initially, they may spawn where random members (at least 3) of their race exists, but locations with their own characters or any characters of avoided accounts will be skipped, and if there are no viable locations they will fall back to spawning randomly in the wilderness, potentially alone.

Spawning a Tierborn

To spawn as a child, select "I would like to experience childhood". Then select their race and gender. After that, your account will be put into a line to be matched with upcoming parents (See Queue for more information on how this works). As soon as this happens, your character will be spawned into the location of those parents at the age of five. As a child character, you do not get to name yourself - your mother will name you after you spawn. Child characters can change their own name at age 18. You are required to make an adult for your first character.

You are also able to adopt tierborn who are put up for adoption by other players who cannot play them anymore, if you have had at least one tierborn on your account in the past. This will show up as an option under the nav-bar called Adopt, with the number of characters available for you to choose from next to it.


Sometimes a message could be shown in the character selection screen, stating that there is a shortage of child characters to a certain race. This means that there are more pregnant mothers than children waiting to spawn. Spawning a child when demand is high does not mean that the child will spawn immediately. It may be up to a two day wait, and even after two days, the child will only spawn if they are next in line. (See Queue as referenced above). If someone supplied the demand before you, then your child may have to wait a little longer.

Age Indicators

Various age groups will be described with a different descriptor. They are as follows:

Age descriptor Age group
Child 5-9
Preteen 10-13
Young Teen 14-15
Teen 16-17
Young Adult 18-29
Adult 30-44
Senior 45-79
Old 80-99
Ancient 100+