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Attribute Bonus Strength
Skill Bonus Ranching
Lifespan: Character Age 59 years
Lifespan: Months (Adult) 13.6
Lifespan: Months (Child) 18
Max Offspring
Per Spawning

Anthropomorphic races may only contain physical characteristics of their specific class of animal, in this case mammals.

Therians have a special connection with the fauna of the world, making them ample ranchers. Their anthropomorphic bodies are built strong, which tend to make males imposing figures, though their body shape and profile is primarily human. Their ears usually take the form of familiar mammals which are inheritable to their children, but they can vary quite drastically between bloodlines. Fur of natural hues and patterns line their limbs and around the face, leading naturally into their hair. Their connection to animals tends to make them prefer their company over that of other denizens.