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Initiating Travel

You can travel by selecting a direction on your map. The directions cover adjacent tiles, but you cannot travel to a mountain or an ocean tile. When selected, a menu will popup to give you various information about what you can expect when attempting to go there. Many things impact how long it takes to travel to another tile. If you are riding on a mount or in a vehicle, what type of mount or vehicle, how fast or slow it is, and whether or not you are in a group and the level of a character's dexterixy are all factors.

If you are in a group, you will only go as fast as the slowest person in that group. You can work on projects while travelling, but only if travelling with a vehicle to work in. It is not possible to work on projects while riding a mount. The project will stay with the vehicle if left unfinished.

Vehicles and Mounts

If there are vehicles in the area you will see them in a dropdown by your mount. If you have a vehicle attached it will automatically have this vehicle shown in the selection. You can try to attach any vehicle in the area to your mount. To attach a vehicle to an animal, you must be dismounted, select the vehicle in the Animals section of the Area menu, then select the Attach button. You do the same for detaching. You can only attach one vehicle to one mount. When you attempt to do so, a project will be started that uses the ranching skill to determine how quickly it will be done. To use vehicles, you view the vehicles in the area. When you find the one you're looking for, click the Enter button, and your character will get into the vehicle.' You cannot ride in a vehicle as a form of travel if it doesn't have an animal attached, but you can go inside of it. If you are the owner of the mount, you can set the description of a vehicle which is attached to it. You can also set a new owner. Owner assignment is instant.

Vehicle Attachment - Total Required Effort Formula: 20 - (ranching skill * 3) = total

Note: Children under age 14 cannot turn a vehicle or mount around when an adult is present with them. They are too weak to overpower the adult for control of the vehicle or animal.


If you are riding a mount/vehicle (but not travelling): You won't see any buildings, and it will tell you that you are mounted. Your area screen will change - you will only see the location name and descripton. You will be able to tell who is outside, who is on a different mount, and who is on the same mount as you. You can craft and have projects on a vehicle, but NOT on a mount alone. You must have a vehicle to initiate projects while mounted or travelling. The ground will have all of your cargo, if you have a vehicle which has room for cargo. You can only leave in a vehicle with an animal attached. You can trade on a road, but you must be within a range of 15% between positions on a given road. This includes any other character to character actions such as attacking and healing. You can turn around on a road if you need to, but only if your progress is not 0%.

Travel Hours Calculation Formula:
Walking: 24 hours
Mounted: 24 - (mount power * 3)
Vehicle: (24 * vehicle slowdown) - (mount power * 3)

Vehicle List

Type Cargo Capacity People Capacity Slowdown Requirements
Chariot 50 1 10% 50 wood
Buggy 25 2 20% 125 wood
Chaise 200 2 40% 150 wood
Cart 300 3 60% 150 wood
Wagon 700 1 80% 300 wood, 25 metal
Carriage 0 8 80% 150 wood, 50 metal